Modern Redux: Learn redux toolkit and the new redux best practices

An updated guide for writing Redux in 2021 and beyond

Redux got a lot of criticism in the pasticon-cry

and for good reasons ...

But Redux Toolkit changed the game...

Why Redux toolkit?

It is the new official way to write Redux apps.

Most redux articles and guides are outdated. If you write Redux, Redux toolkit is the way to do so. Created by the official Redux maintainers to make redux development more efficient and easy to reason about.

Reduce Boilerplate

Redux toolkit brings the much-needed simplicity you’ve longed for in your redux development. It’s got out-of-the-box support to handle common use cases such as creating the redux store, creating reducers, handling immutable update logic and much more.

Already know the Redux basics? Redux toolkit is the logic next step

Redux toolkit is gentle on beginners and advanced Redux developers alike, as long as you already know the basics of Redux — actions, reducers and the store. It is the logical next step if you have learned the basics of Redux and want to embrace the current best practices.

🤔 I know you've got questions ...

How do I know if this book is right for me?

I recommend downloading the free book sample and checking for yourself. The book’s introduction (included in the free sample) is dedicated to answering this question.

Can I reach you for further questions when I buy the book?

That’s correct. Yes, you can via my private Slack group. The slack invite is sent when you purchase the book.

Will this book be frequently updated?

Frontend technologies change rapidly, and it can be a pain to stay up to date. Writing this book is a commitment to keeping you updated. So, yes. This book will receive updates from time to time.

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